Rock of Ages- A Solid Cornerstone

Person to Person: Citizen Advocacy has had many cornerstones who have contributed to our development and persistent existence since our 1981 incorporation.  

Many people have been the building rocks and one of these was former board member Carmen Bordonaro Sr.   His business acumen was crucial in the development and survival of Person to Person by making sure we understood the practical side of running an organization, as well as the theory necessary to stay true to the mission.  

His indelible marks on Person to Person as well as on the lives of the people he touched continue.  He requested donations in his memory be sent to Person to Person.  

An endowment fund for these donations was being looked into.  An endowment fund is a permanent fund where the principal is never touched but income from the principal can be used by the organization.  Donors are assured their gifts will remain for the benefit of the agency in the future. 

Please visit our "Donate Now" tab if you are interested in donating in any way.  

Donations made in memory of Carmen Bordonaro Sr.:


Roslyn B. Antonacci Frank Froio Jr. Connie & Paul Witting

Katherine Baksi Lee Iulio

Sondra Bufis & Family Louise Kelner

Dorothy C. Burns Jane Lazur

Phyllis & Dave Chapman Rita & Ray Matthes

Nina & Rose Cali Pauline O"Donnell

Evelyn Corso Van Duyn Nursing Office

Gilda & Samuel Danial Howie & Arlene Peck

Clara Delledera Rovert & Carmella Peiffer

Tom & Myrna Eby Richard & Millicent Roarabaugh

Herb & Norma Eby Sandra M. Ross

Frank Fallico, Fremont Bakery Ralph & Marge Sims