Become an Advocate

Person to Person: Citizen Advocacy is actively looking for members of the community to become a Citizen Advocate for a protégé.  A protégé is an individual who has a developmental disability, which is defined as a cognitive and or neurological disability that has been apparent before the age of twenty-two. 

PPCA staff make a match between a volunteer (an advocate) and a person with a developmental disability (a protégé) in which both share their gifts, talents, and friendship.  There is no advocate compensation and there is no reimbursement for contact expenses. 

The match is formed by mutual agreement between the advocate and protégé, and exists as long as they are both satisfied. No two matches are the same. There are no external minimum requirements or expectations on the duration of a match, on when and how often the advocate and protege are together, or on what activities take place during their time together.

So being a friend is free, and we all have some extra time in our lives to share, even if it is just a couple hours a month.  These couple of hours a month makes all the difference in the world to a protégé.

Contact us today to become an advocate!

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