Become an Advocate

Being a friend is free, this is simple but true.  


Person to Person:  Citizen Advocacy is always looking for members of the community to become a Citizen Advocate for a Protege.  A Protege is a person with a developmental disability. The only thing that distinguishes a protege from a typical person is that he or she has a cognitive and/or neurological disability that became apparent before age twenty-two.  


The Person to Person: Citizen Advocacy staff make a match between a volunteer (an advocate) and a person with a developmental disability ( a protege) in which both share their gifts, talents, and friendship.  There is no advocate compensation and there is no reimbursement for contact expenses.  The Proteges are expected to pay for their own way when spending time with their advocate depending on what the chosen activity is and if there is a cost associated to it.  


Many of our proteges enjoy going out for a meal, and the protege is expected to pay for their own meal, this is where the protege shows their value to society by spending their own money but more importantly, being seen with a valued community member.  

So being a friend is free,  and we all have some extra time in our lives to share, even if it is just a couple hours a month.  These couple of a hours a month makes all the difference in the world to a protege.