Our Misson

The mission of Person to Person: Citizen Advocacy (PPCA) is to reduce the risk of social isolation for adults with developmental disabilities. PPCA programs respond to these needs by fostering the growth of meaningful relationships rooted in community support and one on one connections.

What We Do

The PPCA staff recruit’s community volunteer advocates for people of all ages who have a developmental disability and some form of unmet need. People with developmental disabilities live in every neighborhood. We are a community of neighbors helping neighbors. With support from the PPCA team, matches between advocates and individuals with developmental disabilities are created to form impactful friendships that make a meaningful difference in the lives of the folks we serve.

How It Works

The PPCA staff make a match between a protégé (a person with a developmental disability) and an advocate (community volunteer) in which both share their gifts, talents, and friendship. The match is formed by mutual agreement between the advocate and protégé and exists as long as they both are satisfied. There are no minimum requirements or expectations on the duration of a match, when and how often the advocate and protégé are together, or what activities take place during their time together.