AnnMarie and Liz

Many years ago Ann Marie’s mother had invited Liz to Ann Marie’s sister’s birthday party, where the two would meet and remain life-long friends. Ann Marie was searching for an Advocate for herself through Per-son to Person when she decided she would reach out to Liz to see if she would like to be her advocate. Liz accepted and Ann Marie was “thrilled, shocked actually.”

Since 2004 Ann Marie and Liz have spent many hours entertaining one another. Liz and Ann Marie have done many recreational activities together such as as-sisting as co-leaders with a Girl Scout Troop, Joining Special Olympics, Going Camping, Canning Foods, Shopping, Visiting Museums, Volunteering with the Seniors, Attending Theme Parks, Bowling, Crafting, of course going out to eat and many other hobbies!
They get together at least once a week now despite living in different cities.
Ann Marie says she can always count on Liz to be there for her if she ever needed anything. Liz has con-tact with members of Ann Marie’s family and they con-tact her if they feel Ann Marie could use some additional support. Ann Marie and Liz feel like their relationship is like that of a mother and daughter relation-ship. Liz says “It just has that family bond feel to it.” Liz is already Ann Marie’s Health Care Proxy and they’ve discussed having Liz become Ann Marie’s guardian. They both look forward to one another’s company and spend time talking with one another on the phone when they aren’t together.

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